Lets begin

Our day starts at 9.30am. This is important as we all sit around the table and discuss the tasks we will do that day.  Some examples of jobs we do at Work-Shop are assembly tasks like the gear trays , card production, and even making apple juice.  

We have regular work with the local lions club preparing the message in a bottle. My favourite job is to work on the computer.  We have coffee every morning at 11.00am. We take it in turns to make drinks and wash up. We sit together and chat . Many of us go on work placements during the week. These include National Trust properties, Age UK, Vale Press and the Co-Op.

After a busy morning we stop for a half an hour lunch break at 12.30pm. We bring in our own lunch. After this we always go for a walk. We are lucky that we now have our own garden, so it is good to see how everything is growing up there. This summer we have grown courgettes, onions, tomatoes,  lettuces and strawberries. Often in the afternoon we have jobs off site. These might include shopping or delivering the Look Local magazine. After our tea break we have a team effort of tidying up, hoovering and putting out the rubbish.

We finish work at 4.00pm. I really enjoy coming to Work-Shop because of all the different tasks we can do.

By Chris