New equipment!

We recently put in an application to the Clifford Chambers Charity for some new educational equipment. As part of our dedication to supporting development through education, we were seeking funding for new participant laptop (Chromebook) and a dedicated POS system.


We are grateful to have remained operational during the COVID19 pandemic and are looking towards the future of our CIC and how we engage with others at our events. The new POS system will enable safer (contactless) payments for when we host our frequent sales events as well as provide actual shop training for our participants.

The new ECO Work-Shop website has enabled our participants to write blogs on their activities / interests as well as develop an online shop for our handmade products. The accessibility of having a touch screen Chromebook will enable more of our users with impaired movements the opportunity to use this new resource. One of our participants have been volunteering for the Warwickshire Bytes Project for over a year and has benefited through this scheme. We are aiming to extend this to more of our service users as it is a great learning aid which utilises databases, image manipulation and data entry.

Clifford Chambers Charity kindly donated £1150.00 from their educational fund and enabled us to purchase both items. We recently used the POS for our annual plant sale and the Chromebook is already getting lots of use for card making and website work!

Thank you so much – W.S. Team x