It was my 30th Birthday during lockdown.

On this birthday I was given a new mobile phone from my parents. My parents brought me a special pasta birthday meal (it was delicious). 

My parents brought Aspen the dog (my brothers) to visit me as a special treat! I had a nice birthday.


I kept busy with lots of computer work during the lockdown. I sent lots off emails to ECO Work-Shop asking Richard when we can come back.

I had lots of zoom talks with the people at ECO Work-Shop.

I spoke to Vanda about general things and I had a music lesson with Richard on the guitar.

Every Thursday I spoke with everyone at ECO Work-Shop (on zoom).


John, my support assistant, helped me with lots of walks without my wheelchair.

This made me feel happy!

I visited the ECO Work-Shop garden to water the plants every week.

By Chris